Eldar Bonesinger rune Eldar Bonesinger rune

eldar bonesinger 2

For my second Bonesinger, I decided to use the body from a third-party female Farseer sculpt. That model is no longer available as its design was based on the Farseer Macha's appearance in Dawn of War III. It's the only third-party Eldar model that I've seen that accurately captures the Eldar aesthetic (not really a surprise, as it was a quite blatant copy of an existing design). I didn't want to add Macha to my collection but the body pose looked interesting and well-sculpted enough to incorporate elsewhere.

date: 2018-present (work-in-progress)
components: 1x limited edition Eldar Bonesinger, 1x Death Jester scenic base element, 1x Artel W "Warseer" miniature, 40mm round base

see also:
Eldar Bonesinger conversion
2. The partially-completed conversion takes shape.
Eldar Bonesinger psytronome shaper
3. A close-up of the Bonesinger's psytronome shaper.
Eldar Bonesinger rear view
4. The Bonesinger's warp vane element was pinned and glued in place on the back of the Farseer's body.
Eldar Bonesinger conversion WIP
5. A work-in-progress shot with the head in place. Further sculpting work is needed on the helmet and neck.
Eldar Bonesinger conversion from the back
7. A view from the back.
Eldar Bonesinger conversion
8. The completed conversion.
Eldar Bonesinger conversion
9. Side view of the assembled model.
Eldar Bonesinger conversion
10. Rear view.
Eldar Bonesinger conversion
11. Left profile.
Eldar Bonesinger conversion
12. This view better illustrates the posing of the feet - the Bonesinger appears to be delicately perched on the ruined architecture.
Eldar Bonesinger conversion
13. Close-up view of the head and sculpting around the neck.
Eldar Bonesinger conversion
14. The model has now been undercoated, ready to be painted.

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