Eldar Farseer rune Eldar Farseer rune

eldar farseer 3

For my third Farseer, I've only made some minor changes to make him a bit more unique.

date: 2015-present (work-in-progress)
components: 1x metal Farseer with Singing Spear, 1x metal Farseer head, 1x Empire Wizard left scrying arm, plasticard, Green Stuff, 40mm round base

see also:
Eldar Farseer conversion
1. This conversion uses the head from a different Farseer kit and the arm from a plastic Empire Wizard.
Eldar Farseer helmet
2. A close-up of the sculpting on the helmet and the left hand. I added a sleeve to the arm and the usual Eldar glove design to make the arm recognisably Eldar instead of bare.
Eldar Farseer conversion rear view
3. A rear view of the conversion. Some sculpting was needed on the robes on the left arm.
Eldar Farseer conversion
4. Side view of the conversion. The scenery element on the base was also raised up to give the Farseer a bit more height.
Eldar Farseer conversion
5. Alternate view showing the left arm in more detail.
Eldar Farseer conversion
6. The completed and undercoated Farseer.

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