Eldar Farseer rune Eldar Farseer rune

eldar farseer 4

My fourth Farseer has a witchblade and a shuriken pistol.

date: 2015-present (work-in-progress)
components: 1x metal Farseer with shuriken pistol, 1x Farseer witchblade arm, Green Stuff, 40mm round base

see also:
Eldar Farseer conversion
1. This model has been converted with the right arm of a different Farseer miniature.
Eldar Farseer cloak
2. A close-up of some minor sculpting work on the corner of the robe. The original miniature features a flapping corner that doesn't look right as it would give the cloak an odd outline if it were laid flat.
Eldar Farseer conversion witchblade arm
3. A close-up of the witchblade arm. I sculpted additional details on the pauldron and wrist to match the design of the left arm holding the shuriken pistol.
Eldar Farseer conversion rear view
4. Rear view of the completed conversion. The rock that the Farseer is standing on has been raised up and bulked out a bit with Green Stuff to give him a more commanding view.
Eldar Farseer conversion
5. The undercoated Farseer.

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