Eldar Falcon rune Eldar Farseer rune

eldar farseer falcon turret

This turret option is based on an old Epic 40,000 HQ choice, which allowed you to field a Farseer mounted in a Falcon. This was originally built as part of a larger project, the Eagle; ultimately I wasn't happy with the hull of that vehicle so I decided to complete the turret as a standalone option for a regular Falcon hull. It wasn't possible to physically fit a Farseer into the turret (even a Warlock was a squeeze); my interpretation is that the Farseer is embarked inside the hold and channels his psychic powers through the Warlock crewman in the turret.

date: 2009 - present (work-in-progress)
components (per Falcon): 1x Falcon turret, 1x Falcon pilot arms & controls, 1x Forge World Type II Falcon turret top, 6x Wave Serpent force field projectors, 1x Eldar Warlock, 1x High Elf Archer arm, 1x Dire Avenger shuriken catapult, 1x Dire Avenger Exarch shimmershield arm, plasticard (various thicknesses), Green Stuff, neodymium rare earth magnets (various sizes)

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Epic 40,000 Farseer Falcon
1. I used the design of this old Epic 40,000 "Farseer Falcon" miniature as a starting point for my own, newer design of vehicle.
Original image Games Workshop.
These pieces came from the Wave Serpent kit. Plasticard was used for the main bulk of this fin. Details were etched into the surface using the point of a needle file. Eldar Farseer Falcon turret psycho-conductive vanes
2. This piece is one of a matching pair. It is meant to resemble the antenna-like "wings" on the original Epic 40,000 miniature and represent "psycho-conductive vanes" through which the embarked Farseer and Warlock crew can channel their psychic powers.
I used the Type II Falcon Forge World conversion kit for the turret. A Warlock will crew this cockpit. Eldar Farseer Falcon turret work-in-progress
3. The turret, partway through construction. I decided to move the turret cockpit so that it was aligned centrally, rather than offset (as they are on the standard Falcon turret).
Eldar Farseer Falcon turret cockpit
8. The cockpit features a standard Falcon control panel.
Eldar Farseer Falcon Warlock crew
9. The completed Warlock crewman.
Eldar Farseer Falcon turret with Warlock crewman
10. The Warlock in the turret's cockpit. He will be painted separately and then glued in place.
Eldar Farseer Falcon turret conversion
11. An alternate view of the completed turret, ready to be undercoated.
Eldar Farseer Falcon turret conversion
12. This turret took a long time to finalise, but it is now undercoated and waiting to be painted.

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