Eldar Fire Dragons rune Eldar Fire Dragons rune

eldar fire dragons

In order to provide more variety, I converted some standard Fire Dragons into different poses.

date: 2008-present (work-in-progress)
components: Fire Dragons, 1x Fire Dragon Exarch Dragon's Breath Flamer, 1x Fire Dragon Exarch left arm, Green Stuff, Space Marine Rhino kit, sprue offcuts, brass rod
colour scheme: Fire Dragons colour scheme (PDF), Basing colour scheme (PDF)

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Heavily converted Fire Dragon
2. Another view of the Fire Dragon conversion.
An offcut of sprue was used to represent some more wreckage. Green Stuff was used to model earth churned up by flying wreckage embedding itself in the ground. Eldar Fire Dragon
4. A regular Fire Dragon. All of my Fire Dragons have wreckage of some kind on the bases, since they are adept at destroying heavily-armoured targets such as tanks and bunkers.
Green Stuff was used to sculpt the neck. Converted Fire Dragon with repositioned head
5. A converted Fire Dragon. The simple head repositioning completely changes the look of the miniature and creates a new pose for one of the standard squad members.
Eldar Fire Dragon colour scheme
6. This was the original colour scheme that I planned for my Fire Dragons. This was later refined with some slight changes.
Eldar Fire Dragon test miniature
7. The first test miniature, early in the painting stage. I was particularly pleased with the way that the blue eye lenses turned out.
Eldar Fire Dragon test miniature
8. The test miniature, virtually complete; I just need to finish painting the base.
Eldar Fire Dragon test miniature
9. A rear view of the test miniature.
Female Eldar Fire Dragon conversion
10. A converted female Fire Dragon. The soulstone was carefully removed from the left side of the chest and repositioned centrally. The chestplate was filed down and then remodelled in Green Stuff.
Eldar Fire Dragon painted miniature
11. My first completed Fire Dragon. The molten effect on the wreckage behind the Fire Dragon will be used on the Avatar and the other Fire Dragon miniatures.
Eldar Fire Dragon painted miniature
12. Rear view of my first completed Fire Dragon.
Eldar Fire Dragon updated colour scheme
13. In mid-2018 I decide to make some changes to the Fire Dragon colour scheme. The armour is now brighter, with a clearer distinction between the armour plates and the darker undersuit. I have also reduced the number of gems and changed the sash from white to blue, to tie in with the Craftworld colours.
Eldar Fire Dragon painted miniature
14. The updated test miniature, after I had applied my modifications to the paint scheme. The armour is now more defined and detailed, as well as being a more vibrant colour. Reducing the number of gems has made the model less busy.
Eldar Fire Dragon painted miniature
15. Rear view of the new paint scheme. The undersuit is now clearly distinct from the armour plates around the lower back and upper thighs.
Eldar Fire Dragon painted miniature
16. Side view of the new paint scheme. Making the sash blue instead of white helps to bring out the blue of the remaining gems.

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