Eldar Shadow Spectres rune Eldar Shadow Spectres rune

eldar phoenix lord irillyth

the shade of twilight

This beautiful model had only a small amount of conversion work done to it.

date: 2012-present (work-in-progress)
components: 1x Phoenix Lord Irillyth, 1x Shadow Spectres Exarch arm, brass rod, Green Stuff, 40mm round base

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The offcut of the scenic base was reused here. Green Stuff will be added later to improve the detail. Converted Eldar Phoenix Lord Irillyth
1. Similar to my other Shadow Spectres, I cut down the scenic base element so that Irillyth doesn't float so high above the ground.
Eldar Shadow Spectres Prism Rifle comparison
2. This image shows the three variants of the Shadow Spectre Prism Rifle. The top weapon is the standard Prism Rifle; the middle is the Prism Blaster used by the Exarchs and the bottom weapon is the unique Spear of Starlight wielded by Irillyth.
Converted Eldar Phoenix Lord Irillyth
3. Another view of the converted Phoenix Lord.
Converted Eldar Phoenix Lord Irillyth
7. The completed conversion of Irillyth, ready for painting.

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