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The model of Prince Yriel is excellent, with only a couple of elements that I'm not so keen on. This model waited patiently in my bits box for several years, before I finally assembled it in 2016.

date: 2016-present (work-in-progress)
components: 1x Prince Yriel, plasticard, brass rod, Green Stuff, White Milliput, 40mm round base

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Eldar Prince Yriel hand
3. Close-up of the left hand. The original model has the left arm straight and the hand with its fingers extended and flat, which looks very unnatural. I subtly bent the arm at the elbow and repositioned each of the fingers individually into a more realistic position. I was very pleased with the results of these minor changes.
Eldar Prince Yriel scenic base
4. This is the replacement scenic base that I made. It features the Eldar yin-yang design and was made from layers of plasticard. These were then distressed using a file and crafting knife. This design was also used on my Wraithknight scenic base and fits in better with my other models; many of which feature ruined Eldar architecture underfoot.
Eldar Prince Yriel on custom scenic base
5. The completed Yriel, on his new base. His banners and the base will be painted separately, before the model is finally glued together.
Eldar Prince Yriel rear view
6. Rear view of the assembled model.
Eldar Prince Yriel
7. Ready for painting.

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