pegasus ruined statue

This ruined statue features a likeness of the Eldar god Asuryan's "winged steed", which would be referred to as a Pegasus in human mythology. This mythical creature provided the name for my scratchbuilt superheavy vehicle. This statue was originally intended to form part of the scenic flying base for the Pegasus superheavy grav tank; instead I decided to give it a larger base and create a standalone piece of scenery.

date: 2015-present (work-in-progress)
components: 3x 25mm Warhammer Fantasy square bases, 1x metal Empire Pegasus, 2x plastic Bretonnian Pegasus Knight wings, plasticard, Green Stuff, brass rod

see also:
Eldar Pegasus scenic base Pegasus
2. The Pegasus that will form the focus of the scenery piece. It was made from the metal Empire Pegasus kit but using the plastic Pegasus wings from a Bretonnian kit.
Eldar Pegasus scenic base Pegasus
3. Alternative view of the Pegasus statue element. The wings were pinned in place and blended into the body using Green Stuff.

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