Eldar Morai Heg rune Eldar Morai Heg rune

eldar shrine to morai-heg

This piece of scenery was based on the small statue of Morai-Heg that was supplied with the plastic Howling Banshee models.

date: 2020-present (work-in-progress)
components: 1x Morai-Heg statue, 32mm round base, plasticard, Green Stuff, Lego dish

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Rocks were made using shaped pieces of plasticard and Green Stuff. Eldar shrine to Morai-Heg
1. In Eldar mythology, Morai-Heg had Khaine cut off her hand so that she could taste her own blood and gain knowledge from it. This shrine depicts her with her amputated hand on a cord around her neck and a small jewel hanging from her left wrist to represent a drop of falling blood.
Eldar shrine to Morai-Heg
2. Rear view of the small shrine.
Eldar shrine to Morai-Heg
3. The shrine has been undercoated at this point. A round, shallow dish will be added after it has been painted, which will be filled with blood as an offering to Morai-Heg.

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