Eldar Shadow Spectres rune Eldar Shadow Spectres rune

eldar shadow spectre exarch

My Shadow Spectre Exarch is armed with a Prism Blaster; I am planning to add a second one armed with a Haywire Launcher, to represent both wargear options from the rules.

date: 2012 - 2018 (complete)
components: 1x Eldar Shadow Spectre Exarch, 1x Eldar Shadow Spectre, 1x Dire Avenger Exarch shimmershield arm, 1x Dire Avenger arm, 1x Dark Eldar Scourge Haywire Blaster, brass rod, Green Stuff
colour scheme: Shadow Spectre colour scheme (PDF), Basing colour scheme (PDF)

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Converted Eldar Shadow Spectres Exarch
1. By using the legs from a standard Shadow Spectre miniature, the pose of the first Exarch looks a lot more natural.
2. This image shows the three variants of the Shadow Spectre Prism Rifle. The top weapon is the standard Prism Rifle; the middle is the Prism Blaster used by Exarchs and the bottom weapon is the unique Spear of Starlight wielded by the Phoenix Lord Irillyth.
3. The choice of ribbons helps to further set this Exarch apart from the standard Shadow Spectres; rather than coiling around the arms and flowing behind him, they drop straight down and look more like decorative robes. He is also holding his weapon in one hand, unlike the other Spectres.
Eldar Shadow Spectres Exarch conversion
4. Detail shot of the Prism Blaster.
Eldar Shadow Spectres Exarch conversion
5. A work-in-progress shot of the painting of the first Exarch model.
Eldar Shadow Spectres Exarch conversion
6. The finished Exarch with Prism Blaster.
Eldar Shadow Spectres Exarch conversion
7. Front view of the painted miniature.
Eldar Shadow Spectres Exarch conversion
8. Detail shot of the head and torso.
Eldar Shadow Spectres Exarch conversion
9. Close-up of the legs. A transfer has been applied to the right kneepad, to match the other squad members.
Eldar Shadow Spectres Exarch Prism Blaster
10. Detail shot of the Exarch's Prism Blaster.

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