Eldar Spiritseer rune Eldar Spiritseer rune

eldar spiritseer 1

This was my first Finecast miniature, and I wasn't entirely disappointed with it (though it did need a lot of clean-up work). It required very little conversion as the design is excellent; expect of course for the much-maligned "bull's horns" hand gesture, which is distractingly out-of-place. It only serves as a reminder of the 80's when the Eldar were conceived and the Citadel team were listening to too much heavy metal. It's cliched and doesn't look at all alien.

date: 2013-present (work-in-progress)
components: 1x Eldar Spiritseer, Green Stuff, plasticard, Eldar War Walker chassis, 40mm round base

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Eldar Spiritseer on ruined Eldar scenic base
1. The small finger on the left hand was re-modelled slightly so that the Spiritseer is grasping the spiritstone in a more natural way. The hand's still not quite right, but I think it looks better than if all the fingers were grasping it.
Eldar Spiritseer
2. The base was made mostly from plasticard , with part of an Eldar War Walker; distressed to appear like a broken piece of architecture.
Eldar Spiritseer
3. The undercoated miniature.

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