Eldar Spiritseer rune Eldar Spiritseer rune

eldar spiritseer 2

My second Spiritseer was assembled with little alteration, as the standard miniature is excellent. I used a 40mm base and added some ruined scenery to tie it in with my other character models.

date: 2018-present (work-in-progress)
components: 1x Eldar Spiritseer, 1x Harlequin's Caress, 1x Wraithlord ruined scenery element, Green Stuff, plasticard, 40mm round base

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Eldar Spiritseer on ruined Eldar scenic base
1. The model has been given a larger (40mm) base to match my other character models.
Additional ruined scenery was added to the base. Eldar Spiritseer
2. Rear view of the assembled model.
Eldar Spiritseer
3. I replaced the right hand using one from a Harlequin model. The standard miniature is wielding a short blade; an odd choice since that weapon doesn't feature in the model's wargear in the accompanying rules. I prefer this open-handed gesture as it looks like a visual command to rise up; appropriate, as this is an Eldar that communes with dead spirits.
Eldar Spiritseer
4. The Spiritseer has now been undercoated.

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