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The Eldar Vyper suffers from a dated model and poor rules that don't stand up to scrutiny when compared to the vastly superior Hornet. When the Dark Eldar Venom was released, I saw an opportunity to update the Vyper to a more modern design. It took a while to come up with a concept that I was happy with, but I was pleased with the results. I acquired enough components to build a pair of Vypers simultaneously.

date: 2014-present (work-in-progress)
components (per Vyper): 1x Dark Eldar Venom, Eldar Vyper turret components, 1x Falcon cockpit, 1x Forge World Eldar Hornet pilot, 1x Eldar War Walker pilot head, 1x transparent Craftworld Eldar canopy, 1x Eldar Windrider Jetbike twin-linked shuriken catapults, 1x Eldar Windrider Jetbike shuriken cannon, neodymium magnets (various sizes), transparent styrene rods, brass rod, Green Stuff, plasticard (various thicknesses)

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Converted Eldar Vyper cockpit
3. With a bit of modification, a Craftworld Eldar cockpit and pilot can be fitted into the Venom's upper hull.
The original head was cut away carefully and the neck drilled out so that a War Walker pilot head could be used instead. Converted Eldar Vyper
5. I modified the Vyper gunners so that they appear to actually have necks, unlike the standard combined upper body/head (seen on the right). The head will be replaced by one from a War Walker pilot - the design is very similar to the original Vyper gunner's helmet but looks less dated.
Converted Eldar Vyper mock-up
6. A mock-up of one of the Vypers at an early stage of construction.
Converted Eldar Vyper gunner
7. A close-up of the converted Vyper gunner.
Converted Eldar Vypers
8. At this point, both Vypers have been assembled.
Converted Eldar Vyper rear view
9. Rear view of one of the converted Vypers.
Magnetic Eldar Vyper bases
11. The two bases for my Vypers. These are interchangeable with the bases for my Hornets.
Converted Eldar Vyper
12. One of the two completed Vypers.
Converted Eldar Vyper fin close-up
13. A close-up of the panel lines on the converted fin. These fins are more appropriate for a Craftworld Eldar craft than the original Dark Eldar Venom fins.
Converted Eldar Vyper gunnery mount
14. The rear of the Vyper has been asembled using plasticard, with a magnetised mount for the Vyper's rotating gunner nest/turret.
Converted Eldar Vyper underside
15. An underside view of the Vyper. The twin-linked shuriken catapults are from the new Windrider Jetbike kit and are magnetised. They can be swapped for a shuriken cannon.
Converted Eldar Vyper
17. A view of the rear of the Vyper.
Converted Eldar Vyper magnetised weapon mount
18. The gunner's weapon mount has been magnetised; it can accept any of the heavy weapon options from a Falcon or Wave Serpent.
Converted Eldar Vypers
19. The completed pair of Vypers, ready for undercoating.
Converted Eldar Vypers
20. The completed pair of Vypers, now undercoated.
Converted Eldar Vypers
21. A close-up of one of the two Vypers.

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