Eldar Wave Serpent rune Eldar Wave Serpent rune

eldar wave serpents

I have a total of three Wave Serpents in my collection. They were assembled simultaneously and are basically identical; each features resin components from Forge World and they have been extensively magnetised. A lot of the techniques and alterations were perfected on my Falcons before I tackled these models. Some minor changes were made to each Wave Serpents' hull in order to further distinguish the design from that of the Falcon.

date: 2015-present (work-in-progress)
components (per Wave Serpent): 1x Wave Serpent, 1x Forge World Type II Wave Serpent conversion kit, 1x Forge World Eldar Hornet pilot, 2x Forge World Type II Falcon hull extension parts, plasticard (various thicknesses), Green Stuff, 120mm oval base, 6mm diameter clear acrylic rod, neodymium rare earth magnets (various sizes)

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Converted Type II Wave Serpent underside
3. Each Wave Sepent required a reasonable amount of gap-filling. I used White Milliput to achieve this, as it sands down nicely and produces a smooth finish that blends in well with the plastic parts.
Wave Serpent rear hull close-up
4. Further gap-filling was needed to mask the joins between the various plastic components of the rear access ramp and the resin hull extension.
Wave Serpent cockpit close-up
5. A close-up of one of the Wave Serpent cockpits. I've used a modern design of Eldar pilot (from the Hornet kit). The cockpit canopy is removable and magnetised. These features are present on all of my Eldar skimmers.
Type II Wave Serpent
6. One of the three completed Wave Serpents. Substantial gap-filling and sanding was needed on all three, in order to seamlessly blend the resin rear tail fin with the plastic hull.
Type II Wave Serpent underside
7. The underside of one of the completed Wave Serpents.
Wave Serpent rear hull close-up
8. The three completed Type II Wave Serpents, complete with magnetised weapons. Due to the rarity of the Type II Wave Serpent kit and the difficulty I had putting these together, I'm quite glad I won't be assembling any more!

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