Eldar Wraithblade rune Eldar Wraithblade rune

eldar wraithblades

with ghostswords

I have constructed this squad of Wraithblades with only some minor conversion work. All of the Wraithguard and Wraithblades in my collection have a different combination of warp vane, spirit seal and collar design so that they are all unique.

date: 2013-present (work-in-progress)
components: Wraithblades, cork, Green Stuff
colour scheme: Craftworld Miruaun colour scheme (PDF), Basing colour scheme (PDF)

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Eldar Wraithblade
1. Wraithblade with ghostswords.
Eldar Wraithblade
2. Wraithblade with ghostswords.
Eldar Wraithblade
3. Wraithblade with ghostswords.
Eldar Wraithblade
4. Wraithblade with ghostswords.
Eldar Wraithblade
5. Wraithblade with ghostswords.
Eldar Wraithblade squad
6. The completed squad, undercoated and ready for painting.
Eldar Wraithblade colour scheme
7. I planned out the colour scheme for my Wraithblades in Photoshop and eventually settled on this combination of colours.
Eldar Wraithblade ghostsword NMM WIP photo
8. I wanted to try out a NMM (non-metallic metal) technique for the purple ghostswords. This was my first attempt at doing this; I was quite pleased with the results but wanted to refine it further.
Eldar Wraithblade ghostsword NMM concept
9. Using Photoshop, I edited the photo to correct the issues that I'd identified with my first pass of the ghostsword. I then used this image as a reference for my second attempt at painting the weapon.
Eldar Wraithblade ghostsword NMM
10. I was very pleased with the second pass of the ghostsword; the NMM effect looks much cleaner now and by toning down the edge highlights it doesn't look so stark.
Eldar Wraithblade with ghostswords
11. My first completed Wraithblade.
Eldar Wraithblade with ghostswords
12. A close-up of the upper torso and one of the two ghostswords.
Eldar Wraithblade with ghostswords
13. Detail shot of the other ghostsword.
Eldar Wraithblade with ghostswords
14. Rear view of the completed model.
Eldar Wraithblade with ghostswords
15. Side profile.
Eldar Wraithblade with ghostswords
16. I used a Wraithguard transfer from the Forge World Eldar transfer sheet (now sadly discontinued) and added two freehand lines to turn it into the rune for the Wraithblades.

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