Eldar Wraithlord rune Eldar Wraithlord rune

eldar wraithlord 1

Each of my Wraithlords has been converted to try and portray a slightly different personality; representing the character of the soul reanimating the wraithbone construct. For this Wraithlord I chose to have it striding forward, having just swung its blade in a wide arc. This is meant to be an older, powerful spirit; charging ahead single-mindedly.

date: 2008-present (work-in-progress)
components: 1x Eldar Wraithlord, Green Stuff, neodymium magnets (various sizes)

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Eldar Wraithlord
1. This Wraithlord has been carefully posed so that he appears to have a lot of forward momentum.
Four tiny 1mm-cube magnets fit into the recess on the wrist. Eldar Wraithlord
2. The Wraithlord's weapon mounts on its wrists and shoulder have been magnetised so that it can be armed with different combinations of weapons.
Eldar Wraithlord
3. The Wraithlord, after undercoating.

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