Eldar Wraithlord rune Eldar Wraithlord rune

eldar wraithlord 2

For the character of this second Wraithlord I wanted to have a more dynamic, younger spirit - the huge construct is in mid-stride, bounding forwards in an energetic manner.

date: 2008-present (work-in-progress)
components: 1x Eldar Wraithlord, 1x Space Marine Dreadnought 60mm scenic base, Green Stuff, paperclips, neodymium magnets (various sizes)

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Converted Eldar Wraithlord
1. This Wraithlord has been placed on a Space Marine Dreadnought base for a bit of variety.
These flowing ribbons add to the impression of movement of the miniature. Converted Eldar Wraithlord
4. Partway through the conversion I repositioned the arms slightly.
Magnetised Eldar Wraithlord weapon mounts
5. A close-up of the magnetised weapon mounts.
Eldar Wraithlord conversion
6. The completed Wraithlord conversion, ready for painting.

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