Eldar wraithseer rune Eldar wraithseer rune

eldar wraithseer

The Forge World Eldar Wraithseer is a beautiful kit with some really interesting rules to accompany it. I have assembled it with a minimal amount of conversion work - most of my effort went into the striding pose.

date: 2013-present (work-in-progress)
components: 1x Forge World Eldar Wraithseer kit, cork tile, plasticard, styrene tubing, Green Stuff, brass rod

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The shimmershield was cut and filed to sit snugly on the forearm, rather than suspended over it. I wanted it to appear to be part of the construct rather than a later addition. Eldar Wraithseer conversion
1. I spent a lot of time working out how to position the torso, arms, legs and head to give the impression of a realistic stride.
Eldar Wraithseer conversion
3. A rear view of the Wraithseer conversion.
Eldar Wraithseer conversion
4. The Wraithseer, ready for painting.

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