Eldar Harlequin Troupe Player rune Eldar Harlequin Troupe Player rune

eldar harlequins

These are my standard Harlequins, armed with close-combat weapons and shuriken pistols and fusion pistols. I've converted several of the minaitures to provide more variety in the poses and their armaments. I love these sculpts - they all look energetic, lithe and nimble.

date: 2008-present (work-in-progress)
components: Harlequins, Howling Banshee sword, Troupe Master sword, Dark Elf Black Ark Corsair knife and hand, Green Stuff, Dire Avenger scenery, brass rod

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This sword comes from a Howling Banshee. Eldar Harlequin with fusion pistol
1. A Harlequin with a fusion pistol.
Eldar Harlequin conversion
4. This Harlequin has had both of her weapons swapped for those from other miniatures.
Converted Eldar Harlequin
5. This Harlequin had his Harlequin's Kiss removed for use on another conversion and replaced by a chainsword.
Converted Eldar Harlequin
6. This Harlequin has been assembled to appear as if she is running forwards.
Converted Eldar Harlequin
7. This Harlequin has had his Fusion Pistol swapped for a standard shuriken pistol.
Converted Eldar Harlequin
8. For this conversion, the pistol arm was bent around and the left arm was replaced with a piece taken from the Dark Elf Black Ark Corsairs kit.
Converted Eldar Harlequin
9. Another view of this conversion.
Converted Eldar Harlequin
10. This Harlequin was converted by bending the sword arm into a new position and replacing the Fusion Pistol with a shuriken pistol.

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