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repurposed martian corvette

I had this model kit printed at a large size (it is over 30cm long) and the other two models in my collection are roughly in scale to it. Although it is a nice model, there are a number of inaccuracies in the details, so I did some conversion work on it to make it more screen-accurate. I also decided that I wanted to add the landing rig and railgun that it sports in season 4 of the show (first seen in this trailer). It will be painted in the black, white and red colour scheme seen in season 4 as well.

date: 2018 - present (work-in-progress)
components: 3D-printed Rocinante kit, brass rod, Green Stuff, White Milliput, plasticard

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Rocinante 3D-printed model components
1. The ship arrived in four main components.
Rocinante 3D-printed model
2. A port-side vew of the ship, with the two main halves joined together.
Rocinante 3D-printed model airlock close-up
3. The model was designed with the airlock door exposed - when in flight, this is covered over by an external door (see inset screen capture). I decided to add a removable, magnetised piece that covers the airlock to represent the outer door.
Rocinante 3D-printed model custom airlock outer door
4. The outer airlock door was made from plasticard and carefully shaped to fit the angled sides of the Rocinante's hull.
Rocinante 3D-printed model engine error
6. Some of the panel lines on the engine shroud were too wide (presumably an error in the original STL file), so I filled them with White Milliput and sculpted new ones to match the others.
Rocinante 3D-printed model cargo bay error
7. One of the major errors on the model is the absence of the starboard cargo bay airlock (see inset screen capture) - instead, the port and starboard hull match each other. This area will be heavily altered to more closely match the on-screen design.

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