orc boss

games day 2007 exclusive miniature

The release of the 8th edition of Warhammer inspired me to start to put together this Orc Boss, which was an exclusive miniature available only at Games Day 2007. I like the character and pose of the miniature but a few things didn't seem quite right, requiring some minor conversion work to make them more to my liking. It didn't receive any further attention until 2018, when I decided to make it a proper display piece with a plinth and a detailed paintjob as a test of my painting skills.

date: 2010-present (work-in-progress)
components: 1x Games Day 2007 Orc Boss miniature, brass rod, 40mm round base, Green Stuff, resin display plinth, resin rocks
Games Day 2007 Orc Boss
1. The original miniature had the sword on the Orc's left hip with the blade pointing forwards. This didn't make a lot of sense to me, so instead the sword is now on the right hip with the hilt forwards (making this Orc left-handed).
Games Day 2007 Orc Boss sword
5. Some minor Green Stuff sculpting was needed to fill in missing details on the strap around the sword.
Games Day 2007 Orc Boss sword reverse
6. Reverse view of the sword. Most of this detail will end up being obscured once the sword and shield are glued in place, but I wanted to be thorough.
Display plinth
7. I ordered a resin display plinth for the model.
Games Day 2007 Orc Boss scenice base WIP
8. An early WIP shot of the scenic base for the Orc and his attendant Goblin.

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