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gorkamorka mob

I loved Gorkamorka. It was a lot of fun and the evolving abilities of your mob of Ork boyz gave them more character than most of the "special characters" do now in the codexes. My mob was called "Da Boyz in Bloo" and, contrary to most Orks, they firmly believed that "bloo wunz go fasta". They were originally commanded by Banga, but after the little-known gunner of one of the trukks suffered a catastrophic accident and was given a Cybork body, he overthrew Banga and became the new Nob - Krusha.

date: 1997-1998
components: various

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Ork trukk
1. This trukk, called "Da Wydboy", was converted by combining parts from three trukk kits and some battlefield accessories, with a liberal helping of Ork glyphs and spiky bits.
Ork Runtherd
2. The driver and gunner seats of "Da Wydboy".
Ork Goff Boyz
3. A close-up of the front of the trukk.
Ork Nob in Mega Armour
4. This smaller trukk still had double the capacity of a standard trukk. The Gorkamorka rules were quite explicit - a trukk could carry as many models as could physically fit onto it. Hence - big trukks!
Ork Nob in Mega Armour
5. This trukk had a Cybork gunner manning a rokkit launcha.
Blood Axe Kommandos
6. The trukk also mounted a fearsome wrekkin' ball.
Blood Axe Kommando Nob
7. This trakk had a large ram and a huge number of extra engines. It only served one purpose - to crash into anything that moved; preferably at extremely high speeds.
Blood Axe Kommando
8. A side view of the trakk.
Blood Axe Kommando
9. This is Krusha - the leader of Da Boyz in Bloo. He was a monster in close comabt; he was once attacked en masse by two other mobs. Not only did he survive, he emerged victorious after scoring an absurd 26 wounds on his attackers.
10. Another view of Krusha. This miniature was based on a heavily-converted Ork Nob in Mega Armour.
11. Krusha also carried a shoota with him, in case something was too far away to punch.
12. This is Bob. Bob was a "fing". In game, he counted as a normal Ork boy, but he was actually a mutated Gretchin, grown to extreme proportions.
13. A back view of Bob.
14. This Ork biker was a late addition to Da Boyz in Bloo, purchased after a particularly successful scrap left them with an excess of teef to spend.
15. A side view of the biker.
16. This miniature originally represented Krusha after his accident, however once he had taken over Da Boyz in Bloo, I made a new conversion (seen above) to represent his increased size. After another trukk gunner wound up with a Cybork body, this miniature was repurposed to represent him (an ork called Mork).
17. This (imaginatively-named) Ork is called Fuggit.
18. Another view of Fuggit.
19. This Ork was named after me - Hix. He was the driver of the one of the trukks.
20. Hix carried stikkbombz.
21. This is Banga - the original leader of Da Boyz in Bloo, before he was challenged for leadership by the upstart Krusha.
22. Banga continued to lead a successful career in Da Boyz in Bloo following his demotion.

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