eldar eagle

farseer command vehicle

I designed this vehicle myself and based it on the versatile Falcon chassis. I envisaged it as a dedicated transport and mobile command vehicle for a Farseer, crewed by Warlocks and able to amplify psychic powers. Its role on the battlefield is to provide support to the Eldar forces and to transport the Farseer to the front lines in relative safety. I decided to complete the turret separately and use that as a standalone option for a standard Falcon hull. Placing the turret on my kit-bashed Panther hull is now a much closer match to the original concept that I had in mind when I first started this project.

date: 2009-2012 (abandoned)
components: 1x Falcon, 1x Forge World Type II Falcon conversion kit, 1x Wave Serpent, 1x Forge World Revenant Titan head, plasticard (various thicknesses), brass rod, styrene rod (various diameters), Green Stuff, flying base, 6mm diameter clear acrylic rod, neodymium rare earth magnets (various sizes), Eldar Warlock, Eldar Vyper console, Dire Avenger Exarch direswords, metal Farseer head, High Elf Archer arm, Dire Avenger shuriken catapult, Dire Avenger Exarch shimmershield arm
Epic 40,000 Farseer Falcon
1. I used the design of this old Epic 40,000 "Farseer Falcon" miniature as a starting point for my own, newer design of vehicle.
Original image Games Workshop.
Eldar Eagle design sketches
2. These sketches outlined my various ideas for the vehicle. The Eagle is meant to be larger than a standard Falcon but smaller than the Eldar's superheavy grav tanks.
These pieces came from the Wave Serpent kit. Plasticard was used for the main bulk of this fin. Details were etched into the surface using the point of a needle file. Eldar Eagle turret psycho-conductive vanes
3. This piece is one of a pair and is part of the turret. It is meant to resemble the antenna-like "wings" on the original Epic 40,000 miniature and represent "psycho-conductive vanes" through which the embarked Farseer and Warlock crew can channel their psychic powers.
I used the Type II Falcon Forge World conversion kit for the turret. A Warlock will crew this cockpit. Eldar Eagle turret
4. The turret, partway through construction. I decided to move the turret and vehicle cockpits so that they were aligned centrally, rather than offset (as they are on the standard Falcon chassis).
I purchased this complete Revenant Titan head/cockpit in an eBay auction and decided to use it as the main cockpit for the Eagle. Eldar Eagle mid-construction mock-up
6. A mock-up of the vehicle, giving an impression of the end result that I was aiming for. I was pleased with how closely it resembled my concept sketches at this early stage.
Eldar Eagle extended wings
11. A close-up picture of the extended wings, now complete. As with the turret, a combination of Green Stuff and lots of careful filing and sanding produced a smooth transition between the different component parts of the wings.
Green Stuff was used to finish blending together the parts of the wings. Eldar Eagle upper underside
16. The underside of the upper hull continues to take shape. Normally most of this wouldn't be seen, however since it is removable on the Eagle I wanted to make it look neat and disguise the conversion work as much as possible.
Two magnets were glued in place and then concealed using Green Stuff. Revenant Titan mask interior detail
18. The inside of the Revenant Titan mask has some great detail - one of the reasons that I didn't want to just glue this piece onto the front of the vehicle.
Eldar Eagle interior concept sketches
19. I drew some more concept sketches for the Eagle's interior. The room is dominated by the Farseer's "scrying globe" - a futuristic crystal ball that is used to try and predict the outcome of battles.
The Eldar Eagle
24. An updated work-in-progress mock-up of the Eagle.
Two small round magnets were glued to the turret and concealed with Green Stuff. One edge of the transparent canopy was cut away and three 1mm cubic neodymium magnets were glued in place and masked with Green Stuff. Eldar Eagle turret cockpit close-up
25. The canopy covering the cockpit of the Eagle's turret has been magnetised so that it can be completely removed to see the crewman inside more clearly.
Eldar Eagle interior work-in-progress
26. A mock-up of the interior.
Eldar Eagle completed interior
27. The completed interior.
Eldar Eagle interior close-up
28. A close-up of the left-hand side of the interior.
Eldar Eagle interior close-up
29. The right-hand side of the Eagle interior.
Eldar Eagle with upper hull removed
30. The front of the Eagle, with the upper hull removed.
Eldar Eagle conversion with new cockpit
31. I eventually made the difficult decision to replace the Titan mask with a more standard cockpit front, wanting the Eagle to look more streamlined. The Titan mask, whilst an interesting feature, was too bulbous and made the Eagle look too much like a Cylon Raider (from Battlestar Galactica) for my liking. The Revenant Titan pilot remains and is clearly visible through the transparent canopy.
Eldar Eagle cockpit
32. The new cockpit with the Revenant Titan pilot visible.
Eldar Eagle dorsal view
33. A dorsal view of the Eagle with the new cockpit.

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