eldar farseer wraith

commissioned project

This unusual commission required me to convert a Necron Lord to look like an Eldar Wraith construct that had been re-animated by the spirit of a Farseer. A lot of effort was made to disguise or remove any obvious Necron designs or details and to make the body appear similar to that of a Wraithguard, with additional details added to suggest the psyker abilities.

date: 2010
components: Necron Lord, Eldrad Ulthran, custom-made resin components, Dire Avenger Exarch shuriken catapults, Dire Avenger Exarch glaive, brass rod, Green Stuff

see also:
Eldar Farseer Wraith concept sketch
1. This was the concept selected by the client for the conversion.
Eldar Farseer Wraith work-in-progress shot
2. An early work-in-progress shot of the conversion.
Eldar Farseer Wraith work-in-progress shot
3. The conversion from the rear, with parts from the Eldrad Ulthran miniature added to the Necron Lord body.
Eldar Farseer Wraith conversion
4. The completed conversion, viewed at an angle to highlight the sculpting work around the neck.
Eldar Farseer Wraith conversion
5. The Farseer Wraith, viewed from the front. The head and neckpiece were custom cast resin pieces supplied by the client for use with this project.
Eldar Farseer Wraith conversion
6. The Farseer Wraith from the rear. The client requested the miniature be supplied un-based and unpainted.

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