eldar nightwing

scratchbuilt eldar flyer

Being dissatisfied with the Forge World Nightwing, I wanted to build my own interpreation. After an abortive first try, for this second attempt I designed a radically different vehicle. Although I was pleased with the results at the time, eventually I decided that it seemed too small alongside the other Eldar flyers and it was sold to another collector.

date: 2010 - 2011 (projects abandoned)
components: 1x Eldar Falcon cockpit, 1x Eldar Falcon pilot, 1x Fire Prism rear access ramp, 1x Forge World Revenant Titan head crest, 2x Night Spinner gun cowlings, 1x War Walker engine, 2x Shuriken Cannons, 2x Bright Lances, plasticard, Green Stuff, sytrene tubing (various diameters), 6mm diameter clear acrylic rod, neodymium rare earth magnets (various sizes), brass rod
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Scratchuilt Nightwing design concepts
1. For this new design of Nightwing I wanted to create something that looks nimble, fragile, fast, deadly and significantly smaller than the bulky Forge World model.
The cockpit canopy is held in place by magnets. These parts were taken from the engine of a War Walker. Scratchbuilt Eldar Nightwing cockpit work-in-progress
2. The cockpit takes shape. The high, curved tail and the pod-like cockpit echoes the design of the Forge World Dark Eldar Raven Fighter (which looks much faster and dangerous than their Nightwing). As the two Eldar factions have distant, common technological ancestry, I wanted to make my Nightwing at least look vaguely similar to the Dark Eldar flyer.
Scratchbuilt Eldar Nightwing
6. The Nightwing was mostly completed at this point. Some changes were later made to the wings.
Scratchbuilt Eldar Nightwing cockpit
7. The Nightwing on its magnetic flying stand.
Scratchbuilt Eldar Nightwing
8. Another view of the Nightwing.
Scratchbuilt Eldar Nightwing
9. The underside of the Nightwing.
Scratchbuilt Eldar Nightwing
10. A close-up of the Nightwing's engines.
Scratchbuilt Eldar Nightwing
11. A dorsal view of the Nightwing.
Scratchbuilt Eldar Nightwing
12. A ventral view of the Nightwing.
Scratchbuilt Eldar Nightwing
13. A frontal view of the Nightwing, showing the wing configuration.
Scratchbuilt Eldar Nightwing
14. A rear aspect of the Nightwing and its four engines.
Scratchbuilt Eldar Nightwing wing extensions
15. I decided to change the shape of the wings slightly, adding these cut-down Falcon wing tips.
Scratchbuilt Eldar Nightwing
16. The Nightwing, completed and ready for undercoating.

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