2nd edition orks

These miniatures are what remains of my Ork army from the time of Warhammer 40,000 2nd edition. Most of them were painted and there were a few conversions in there too, though nothing nearly as ambitious as the kind of stuff I'm doing now with my Eldar miniatures.

date: 1995-1998
components: various

see also:
Ork Weirdboy
1. This Weirdboy was one of my favourite miniatures.
Ork Runtherd
2. This Runtherd was one of the last miniatures I started painting before giving up the hobby for a few years.
Ork Goff Boyz
3. These Goff Ork boyz came from the 2nd edition boxed set.
Ork Nob in Mega Armour
4. This Ork Nob in Mega Armour carries a (Space Marine) heavy plasma gun.
Ork Nob in Mega Armour
5. Another view of this Ork Nob.
Blood Axe Kommandos
6. A squad of Blood Axe Kommandos.
Blood Axe Kommando Nob
7. The Blood Axe Kommando Nob.
Blood Axe Kommando
8. A Blood Axe Kommando.
Blood Axe Kommando
9. Another Blood Axe Kommando.

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