eldar corsair void dreamer

commissioned project

This interesting commission was to create a Void Dreamer - an Eldar Corsair HQ unit from Forge World's Imperial Armour Volume 11: The Doom of Mymeara. The client wanted the Void Dreamer to look foreboding and a bit otherwordly. The new plastic Farseer kit offered a great starting point and the blank helmet of a Spiritseer helps to give an alien impression. The Neural Shredder also needed to look advanced and ancient but not too obviously Eldar, as it supposed to be a discovered relic of a lost civilisation. The billowing robes from the Empire Battle Wizard kit and the outstretched hand from the Farseer unify the directional flow of the model's pose and make it look like he is casting a psychic power.

date: 2013
components: 1x plastic Eldar Farseer, 1x Hemlock Wraithfighter Spiritseer head, 1x Forge World Eldar Corsair jetpack, 1x classic Gyrinx, 1x classic Eldar flamer, 1x Space Marine bolt pistol, 1x Eldar Guardian arm, Empire Battle Wizard robes, 40mm round base, Green Stuff, brass rod
Eldar Corsair Void Dreamer conversion
1. The completed conversion of the Void Dreamer, accompanied by a Gyrinx.
Eldar Corsair Void Dreamer side view
2. A side view of the conversion, highlighting the Green Stuff sculpting and flowing ribbons.
Eldar Corsair Void Dreamer rear view
3. I used Green Stuff to sculpt a heavy cloak and merge the Empire Wizard robes together.
Eldar Corsair Void Dreamer
4. A picture of the completed Void Dreamer conversion, painted by Nigel Bartlett in his Void Dragon Corsair colours.

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