Eldar War Walkers rune Eldar War Walkers rune

eldar war walker squadron commander

I designed this miniature to represent a War Walker squadron commander, with a psychic pilot from a Revenant Titan and some more elaborate design work to set the walker apart from the standard ones. Ultimately I wasn't happy with the design and decided not to fully assemble or paint it. It is now owned by another Eldar collector.

date: 2009-2013 (project abandoned)
components: 1x Eldar War Walker kit, 1x Forge World Revenant Titan cockpit, 2x Dire Avenger statues, 2x Dire Avenger Exarch shuriken catapults, 1x Eldar Vyper gunner console, 2x High Elf Archer horns, 1x Bright Lance, neodymium magnets (various sizes), brass rod, Green Stuff

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The front of the normal War Walker cockpit was blended into the Titan cockpit. This headrest came from the standard War Walker kit. Converted War Walker squadron commander cockpit
1. The War Walker's cockpit received the most attention; it is based around a cut-down Revenant Titan cockpit. The pilot controls his War Walker entirely with his mind.
Converted War Walker squadron commander
6. A work-in-progress shot of the converted War Walker.
Converted War Walker squadron commander cockpit rear view
7. The rear of the cockpit, having been attached to the main body of the converted War Walker.

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