eldar phantom titan

The Phantom Titan is enormous - I have no idea where I'll display it or store it, or if I'll even get time to assemble and paint it! But I didn't want to miss the opportunity to own one, so in 2021 I saved up and bought one. I have a spare 320mm round MDF base from my Pegasus scratchbuild which will make a perfect base for it.

date: 2021 - present (work-in-progress)
components: 1x Forge World Eldar Phantom Titan, 1x Forge World Eldar Phantom Titan D-cannon, 1x Forge World Eldar Phantom Titan Power Glaive, 1x Forge World Eldar Phantom Pulsar, 320mm round MDF base

see also:
Eldar Phantom Titan mock-up
1. I took this photo of the work-in-progress Phantom at the Forge World Open Day, back in 2010. I was also fortunate to spend some time chatting to Will Hayes, the designer of this mammoth model.
Eldar Phantom Titan in box
2. The model in its gigantic box.
Eldar Phantom Titan head
3. A close-up of the detail on the gorgeous pilot (designed by Mark Bedford).
Eldar Phantom Titan faceplate
4. Side profile of the enormous head, with the removable faceplate/helmet/mask in position.

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