eldar phoenix bomber

I much prefer the look of the Phoenix Bomber to the Nightwing. The model has aged well; I only updated the look of a few minor components to more closely match the more modern ones on my other models.

date: 2020 - 2021 (complete)
components: 1x Forge World Eldar Phoenix Bomber, 2x Forge World Eldar Hornet pilots, 1x Crimson Hunter Pulse Laser, 2x Crimson Hunter engines, 1x Forge World Eldar Lynx Shuriken Cannon, 1x Dire Avenger scenic element, plasticard, Green Stuff, White Milliput, 6mm diameter clear acrylic rod, styrene tubing (various diameters), large oval base, cork, neodymium rare earth magnets (various sizes), brass rod

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Eldar Phoenix Bomber
1. The model is almost entirely cast in a single piece.
Eldar Phoenix Bomber underside
2. I really like the underside detail on this model, especially the various missile/bomb launch tubes.
Eldar Phoenix Bomber engine close-up
3. The rear of the bomber needed some work - there are some mould imperfections and bubbles.
4. I wanted to update the look of the engines, to bring the design more in line with the newer kits like the Hemlock Wraithfighter.
Eldar Phoenix Bomber engine
5. A mock-up of one of the modified engines; the three components are stacked on top of one another.
Eldar Phoenix Bomber crew
6. These Phoenix Bomber pilots are of a unique design, however the helmets are very bulky and I'm not very keen on their overall look. They will be replaced with a pair of Hornet pilots to match the majority of my other vehicles.
Eldar Phoenix Bomber
7. A work-in-progress shot of the Phoenix; White Milliput was used in several places to correct some minor mould imperfections.
8. A close-up of the twin cockpits.
Eldar Phoenix Bomber underside
9. The underside of the Phoenix.
Eldar Phoenix Bomber
10. Work continues on the Phoenix - more Milliput has been added around the cockpit surrounds to blend them in with the main fuselage.
Eldar Phoenix Bomber close-up
11. Close-up of the cockpits.
Eldar Phoenix Bomber pulse laser
12. The Pulse Laser that is supplied with the kit looks a bit dated now, so I elected to replace it entirely.
13. Wanting to update the look of the Pulse Laser, I replaced the mounting point with part of a Shuriken Cannon from a Lynx.
Eldar Phoenix Bomber Pulse Laser conversion
14. This Pulse Laser has been taken from a Crimson Hunter and looks a lot more modern (and shorter). It is magnetised as well.
Eldar Phoenix Bomber converted engines
15. The converted engines take shape.
Eldar Phoenix Bomber converted engine
16. A close-up of one of the assembled engines.
Eldar Phoenix Bomber converted engines
17. This rear view of the Phoenix shows the converted engines in situ.
Eldar Phoenix Bomber updated engines
18. A dorsal view of the updated engines.
Eldar Phoenix Bomber cockpits close-up
19. A close-up of the two cockpits, showing the positions of the tiny neodymium magnets that will hold the canopies in place.
Eldar Phoenix Bomber custom crew
20. I replaced the standard Phoenix crew with these more modern-looking Hornet pilots, to match my other vehicles.
Eldar Phoenix Bomber tinted canopies
21. Two magnetised and tinted cockpit canopies.
Eldar Phoenix Bomber underside close-up
22. A work-in-progress shot of the underside of the port engine assembly and stabilising fin. White Milliput and Green Stuff were used extensively to correct mould imperfections and fill air bubbles in the resin.
Eldar Phoenix Bomber custom weapon mount
23. The completed central weapon mount; Green Stuff was needed to fill some gaps.
Eldar Phoenix Bomber dorsal fins
24. The large dorsal fins needed a lot of work too.
Eldar Phoenix Bomber scenic base
25. A large oval base was used for the scenic base. The rocks were made from a combination of small stones and cork.
Eldar Phoenix Bomber ruined statue
26. I included this scenery element from the Dire Avenger kit as a fallen statue.
Eldar Phoenix Bomber scenic base close-up
27. I fitted a section of styrene tubing inside a large piece of cork. A rod of transparent acrylic will fit into it and support the Phoenix Bomber as if to appear in flight.
Eldar Phoenix Bomber dorsal view
28. The fully assembled Phoenix Bomber, as seen from above.
Eldar Phoenix Bomber ventral view
29. A ventral view of the assembled model.
Eldar Phoenix Bomber
30. The Phoenix Bomber on its scenic base.
Eldar Phoenix Bomber
31. Alternate view of the Phoenix Bomber in flight.
Eldar Phoenix Bomber undercoated
32. The Phoenix Bomber, after undercoating.
Eldar Phoenix Bomber scenic base
33. The scenic base, after undercoating.
Eldar Phoenix Bomber
34. The undercoated model, ready for painting.
Eldar Phoenix Bomber
35. A work-in-progress image of the model, partway through painting.
Eldar Phoenix Bomber
36. The completed and painted Phoenix Bomber, in my Craftworld Miruaun colours.
Eldar Phoenix Bomber
37. The Phoenix Bomber, without its scenic base.
Eldar Phoenix Bomber
38. View of the completed Phoenix Bomber from the right.
Eldar Phoenix Bomber
39. Dorsal view of the model.
Eldar Phoenix Bomber
40. Ventral view of the painted model. As with many Eldar vehicles, much of the detail is on the underside - this took much longer to paint than the top side.
Eldar Phoenix Bomber
41. Side view of the model on its scenic base.
Eldar Phoenix Bomber converted engines
42. A close-up of the completed engines, which look more modern now.
Eldar Phoenix Bomber crew
43. The painted crew.
Eldar Phoenix Bomber crew controls
44. A view of the crew's controls.
Eldar Phoenix Bomber Craftworld Miruaun rune
45. I added one of my professionally-printed custom transfers of the Craftworld Miruaun rune.
Eldar Phoenix Bomber
46. A close-up of the underside, with multiple missile/bomb launch tubes. I painted the ordnance in different colours to distinguish the different types.
Eldar Phoenix Bomber converted engines
47. Another view of the improved engines.
Eldar Phoenix Bomber converted Pulse Laser
48. The magnetised Pulse Laser finishes off the underside very nicely.
Eldar Phoenix Bomber launch tubes
49. The port-side forward launch tubes.
Eldar Phoenix Bomber scenic base
50. The completed scenic base, with autumn leaves.
Eldar Phoenix Bomber scenic base ruined statue close-up
51. A close-up of the fallen statue on the scenic base.

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