eldar scorpion

superheavy grav tank

Ever since I started collecting my Eldar force I knew I wanted to include one of Forge World's gorgeous Type II Scorpion kits. I finally succumbed to temptation in 2010 and picked one up. It is far and away my favourite Eldar model - it is imposing, sleek and detailed; Jes Goodwin's superb design has been brilliantly captured by Will Hayes and it is a joy to look at. As such, I've only done a little conversion work as I just don't think that it needs it!

date: 2010 - present (work-in-progress)
components: 1x Forge World Type II Scorpion, plasticard (various thicknesses), 2x Forge World Eldar Hornet pilots, 1x metal Fire Prism probe, Green Stuff, flying base, 6mm diameter clear acrylic rod, neodymium rare earth magnets (various sizes)

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Converted Type II Scorpion engines
1. I added my custom plasticard vectored engine flaps to the Scorpion engines.
Converted Scorpion sensor probe
2. One of the other minor conversions I've made to this kit; replacing the standard sensor probe with one from the classic metal Fire Prism kit (as I have also done on my Falcon hulls).
Magnetised Type II Scorpion heavy weapon mount
3. The heavy weapon mount has been magnetised so that it can accept magnetised Falcon weapons.
Magnetised Type II Scorpion
4. A view of the underside; some minor Green Stuff work was necessary to fill in some mould imperfections. Like my other grav tanks, the Scorpion has a magnetised flying stand that can be removed. Despite the weight of this kit, the size of the powerful magnet still allows for a removable stand.
Forge World Eldar Type II Scorpion
6. The completed Scorpion in all its glory; undercoated and ready for painting, with two of my magnetised purple canopies.
Eldar Scorpion base
7. I had a large (280 x 160mm) MDF base specially made for the Scorpion.

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