Eldar Autarch rune Eldar Autarch rune

eldar autarch 5

This Autarch was originally assembled without any alteration, but I later opted to change one of the weapons and reposition the head.

date: 2016 - present (work-in-progress)
components: 1x Eldar Autarch, 1x Eldar Autarch Death Spinner arm, 1x Wraithguard D-scythe fins, 1x Eldar War Walker ruined scenery element, 40mm round base, Green Stuff

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Eldar Autarch
1. The assembled Autarch.
Eldar Autarch
2. Rear view of the Autarch's Swooping Hawk wings.
Eldar Autarch
3. Side profile view of the Autarch.
Eldar Autarch
4. The undercoated Autarch, ready to be painted.
Eldar Autarch colour scheme concept
5. Using Photoshop, I created this concept of a possible colour scheme for the painted model.
Eldar Autarch conversion
6. Following the release of the second plastic Autarch kit, I elected to swap the left arm for one holding a Death Spinner.
7. A close-up of the new arm.
Eldar Autarch conversion
8. Alternate view of the updated model.

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