Eldar Avatar rune Eldar Avatar rune

eldar avatar of khaine

When I returned to the hobby after a ~7 year hiatus, I decided to try and convert the Eldar Avatar. I wasn't happy with the standard miniature's pose and I'd not really seen any ambitious conversions of it (beyond repositioning of the arms) as the original pose makes it difficult to achieve much without resorting to re-sculpting. Ideally I wanted to try and re-create the fantastic illustration of the Avatar by artist Mark Gibbons, which I've liked ever since I saw it in the 2nd edition Eldar Codex back when I first collected. To this end I purchased two Avatars to cut into multiple pieces and preserve as much detail as possible. This was also my first real foray into the world of sculpting with Green Stuff.

date: 2007 - present (work-in-progress)
components: 2x Eldar Avatar, paperclips, copper wire, cocktail sticks, Green Stuff, 60mm round base
Eldar Avatar by Mark Gibbons
1. Without a doubt, this is my favourite piece of Eldar artwork and it was the inspiration for this conversion.
Original illustration by Mark Gibbons, © Games Workshop.
2. The start of the conversion.
3. The body begins to take shape.
4. Sculpting on the torso.
5. The body, from another angle.
6. Detailing on the back of the Avatar.
7. With the body completed, the head is added.
8. Re-sculpting of the Avatar's mane begins.
9. The new loincloth and mane are completed.
10. Further details are added.
Eldar Avatar conversion in the style of Mark Gibbons' artwork
11. The completed Avatar, ready for painting.
Eldar Avatar conversion close-up
12. A close-up of the Avatar.
Converted volcanic base for the Eldar Avatar
13. The scenic base was modelled using Green Stuff, to represent the earth cracking beneath the Avatar's feet.
Eldar Avatar conversion on scenic base
14. The Eldar Avatar on its scenic base.

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