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eldar aurora light cruiser

The Aurora is my favourite of the two Forge World light cruisers, preferring it over the Solaris. This Aurora is clearly a recast of the original Forge World model, since it is metal rather than resin. It had a few mould imperfections as a result, but I was determined to work on the model to make it look acceptable.

date: 2020-present (work-in-progress)
components: 1x Aurora light cruiser, brass rod, Green Stuff, neodymium magnets, transparent flying base (60mm diameter)

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Eldar Aurora light cruiser
1. The components of the recast model, before I'd done any clean-up work on them.
Eldar Battlefleet Phoenix Ship conversion
2. A close-up of the main hull. Mould lines are clealy visible and the gun barrels are either misshaped or stunted; all four will be replaced with brass rod.

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