Eldar Craftworld Miruaun rune Eldar Craftworld Miruaun rune

eldar haven spire

The Haven Spire space station model is now extremely rare; I was fortunate enough to secure an original one in an eBay auction.

date: 2021 - present (work-in-progress)
components: 1x Forge World Battlefleet Gothic Eldar Haven Spire, Green Stuff, neodymium magnets, 1x transparent flying base (60mm diameter)

see also:
Eldar Battlefleet Gothic Haven Spire in packaging
1. The Haven Spire in its original Forge World bag - a rare sight indeed.
Eldar Battlefleet Gothic Haven Spire components
2. The component pieces of the Haven Spire. This yellow resin was used by Forge World for some of their smaller models with fine details - it is slightly harder and holds edges better than the grey resin; the detail in this sculpt is exquisite and crisp.

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