Eldar Swooping Hawks Exarch rune Eldar Swooping Hawks rune

eldar phoenix lord baharroth

the cry of the wind

My conversion of Baharroth required quite a lot of work. The original miniature is entirely posed in a 2D-plane and it looks rather silly these days with more dynamic miniatures available. My aim was to make the character look much more like he is flying and to break the pose out of the original confines.

date: 2012-present (work-in-progress)
components: 1x Baharroth, 1x Swooping Hawk Exarch head, 1x Swooping Hawk Autarch wings, scenic base elements from Shadow Spectres, brass rod, Green Stuff, 40mm round base

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Eldar Phoenix Lord Baharroth conversion
2. A side view of the conversion of Baharroth. The wings are from one of the Autarch kits and feature more detailed feathers than those on the original. I have also attached them to Baharroth's back at a more interesting angle, making the miniature more dynamic and no longer confined to a 2D plane.
Eldar Phoenix Lord Baharroth conversion
3. A view of the conversion of Baharroth from the rear.
The miniature is attached to the base using a length of brass rod running through the foot and into the base. Eldar Phoenix Lord Baharroth conversion scenic base
5. A close-up of the scenic base. The resin pieces are offcuts from the bases of some Shadow Spectres, with some Green Stuff sculpting.
Eldar Phoenix Lord Baharroth conversion
6. Baharroth undercoated and ready for painting.

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