Eldar Dark Reapers rune Eldar Dark Reapers rune

eldar dark reapers

The basic Dark Reaper miniatures are good, but the standard skull-shaped helmets look a bit silly and there are only two poses for the standard squad members, which is a bit limited. To that end I converted two of the four to produce some new poses and the skull details on the helmets were filled in.

date: 2012-present (work-in-progress)
components: Dark Reapers, Green Stuff, brass rod

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Eldar Dark Reaper squad conversion concept
1. Using Photoshop I played around with this marketing image of the Dark Reapers and came up with this concept for my converted squad.
Original image © Games Workshop.
Eldar Dark Reaper
3. A second standard Dark Reaper.
Eldar Dark Reaper conversion
4. This third Dark Reaper was converted to create a different pose, by cutting it apart at the waist and twisting the torso.
Eldar Dark Reaper conversion
5. A second Dark Reaper conversion. The torso was removed from his legs, repositioned, pinned and then glued in place. Green Stuff was used to fill in the resulting gap.
Eldar Dark Reaper conversion
6. An example of the one undercoated Dark Reapers.
Eldar Dark Reaper conversion close-up
7. A close-up of the converted Dark Reaper helmet. I'm very pleased with how the faceplate looks - the removal of the goofy skull design make the helmet look a lot more like regular Eldar designs.
Eldar Dark Reaper conversion close-up
8. The completed squad; now awaiting painting.

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