Eldar Dark Reapers rune Eldar Dark Reapers rune

eldar dark reapers

squad 2

With the release of updated, plastic Dark Reapers in 2022, I added a second squad to my collection. I was disappointed that the new models didn't include any female-looking armour, so I resculpted two of the squad members for a bit more diversity.

date: 2022 - present (work-in-progress)
components: Dark Reapers, Green Stuff, scenic base elements, Howling Banshee Exarch left hand

see also:
1. The first squad member was assembled with very few changes.
Eldar Dark Reaper conversion
2. Alternate view of the first squad member.
3. Face-on view of the Dark Reaper.
Eldar Dark Reaper conversion
4. I was really pleased to see that the kit included parts to model a Dark Reaper reloading his launcher.
Eldar Dark Reaper conversion
5. Alternative view of the second squad member.
Female Eldar Dark Reaper conversion
6. I remodelled the upper torso of this Dark Reaper to represent a female member of the squad.
Female Eldar Dark Reaper conversion
7. I was plased with how this model turned out - she has a very dynamic pose.
8. Side view of the model.
Female Eldar Dark Reaper squad conversion
9. I also converted a second female squad member.

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