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The Falcon is the Eldar's primary battle tank. I've always liked the timeless design of these vehicles but I also wanted to make a few small changes. I have a total of three magnetised Falcon hulls that allow me to switch between different turret options to field different Falcon variants such as the Warp Hunter, Fire Prism and Firestorm.

date: 2007-present (work-in-progress)
components (per Falcon): 1x Falcon, 1x Forge World Type II Falcon conversion kit, 2x Forge World holoprojectors, 1x metal Fire Prism probe, 2x Forge World Eldar Hornet pilots, plasticard (various thicknesses), Green Stuff, 120mm oval base, 6mm diameter clear acrylic rod, neodymium rare earth magnets (various sizes)
colour scheme: Craftworld Miruaun colour scheme (PDF), Basing colour scheme (PDF)

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I used the Type II Falcon conversion kit from Forge World for all of my Falcons. Two Eldar Falcons
1. Two of the Falcons, part-way through early construction.
Eldar Falcon weapons
3. An array of weapon possibilities; all magnetised to allow them to be switched around as necesary.
Magnetised Eldar Falcon Apocalypse command vehicle upgrade
5. The Apocalypse command vehicle upgrade in place - held on to the hull by the concealed magnets.
The top hull of the Falcon was magnetised to allow different turret options to be switched between vehicles. Eldar Falcon magnetised turret mount
7. The turret mount was magnetised too; this allows different Falcon variants (Fire Prism, Firestorm, Night Spinner) without the need for multiple tanks.
Magnetised Eldar Falcon turret
9. I have also magnetised the holoprojectors from Forge World's Eldar Vehicle Upgrade kit. These are held in place using the recessed magnets in the hull.
Converted Eldar Falcon turret with magnetic weapon mounts
10. The turret were further modified so that the Pulse Laser weapon mount is also magnetised.
Converted Falcon hull close-up
11. I used Green Stuff to fill in the slight dip in the top of the hull to make the Falcon slightly more streamlined.
Dorsal view of a converted Eldar Falcon
12. A dorsal view of one of the Falcon hulls.
Ventral view of converted Falcon
13. A ventral view of the converted Falcon.
Converted Type II Eldar Falcons
15. The three Falcon hulls. All three are virtually complete at this point.
Converted Type II Eldar Falcon
17. The first of my three Falcons to be completed and undercoated. The cockpit canopies have been tinted a deep purple and are magnetised so that they can be removed to see the pilots within.
Converted Type II Eldar Falcon work-in-progress
18. A work-in-progress shot of the paintscheme for the first Falcon's hull. I have begun to neaten up the edges around the panels and have started to layer the white paint to build up to the crisp, brilliant white that I want to achieve.
Converted Type II Eldar Falcon work-in-progress
19. Underside shot of the Falcon's hull; the basecoat has mostly been applied at this point; grey edge highlights will be added to the black areas.
Converted Type II Eldar Falcon painting work-in-progress
20. The painting of the upper hull is nearly complete at this point.
Eldar Falcon flying base
21. The first of the three flying bases for my Falcons. I decided to switch to using larger oval bases instead of the standard round ones, as it gives the model a bit more presence and allows for more detail to be included.
Eldar Falcon flying base
22. The first base, now undercoated.
Eldar Falcon flying base
23. The first base, painted and fully complete, with static grass and leaf litter added.
Eldar Falcon flying base
24. Alternate view of the completed base.
Painted Type II Eldar Falcon
25. My first completed Falcon; fully painted, with transfers applied.
Eldar Falcon
26. Alternative side view of the Falcon.
Eldar Falcon dorsal view
27. Dorsal view of the completed Falcon.
Eldar Falcon ventral view
28. The underside of the Falcon.
Eldar Falcon front view
29. Head-on view of the Falcon.
Eldar Falcon rear view
30. Rear view of the Falcon. I used one of my custom printed Craftworld Miruaun runes on the access ramp.
Eldar Falcon pilot and gunner close-up
31. With the magnetic canopies removed you can see the more modern design of Eldar crew, which I've used for all of my vehicles.

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