eldar phoenix bomber

I much prefer the look of the Phoenix bomber to the Nightwing. The model has aged well; I only plan to update the look of the engines to more closely match the more modern ones on the Hemlock Wraithfighter.

date: 2020-present (work-in-progress)
components: 1x Forge World Eldar Phoenix Bomber, plasticard, Green Stuff, White Milliput, 6mm diameter clear acrylic rod, large oval base, neodymium rare earth magnets (various sizes), brass rod

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Eldar Phoenix bomber
1. The model is almost entirely cast in a single piece.
Eldar Phoenix bomber underside
2. I really like the underside detail on this model, especially the various missile/bomb launch tubes.
Eldar Phoenix bomber engine close-up
3. The rear of the bomber needed some work - there are some mould imperfections and bubbles.
Eldar Phoenix bomber engine
5. A mock-up of one of the modified engines; the three components are stacked on top of each other.
Eldar Phoenix bomber crew
6. The Phoenix bomber pilots are of a unique design.

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