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ellaria starfarer

Ellaria Starfarer is a Miruanian Pathfinder; she's based on the model for Amallyn Shadowblade (currently exclusive to the Blackstone Fortress boxed game). Whilst it was pleasing to see a new, plastic Ranger model, I had reservations about a number of the design choices and aimed to fix these with some repositioning and sculpting.

date: 2018 - present (work-in-progress)
components: 1x Amallyn Shadowblade, 1x Dire Avenger shuriken catapult, Green Stuff, brass rod, brass wire

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Animated comparison concept
1. I created this animated GIF concept to compare the original model with my planned conversion.
Eldar Pathfinder Amallyn Shadowblade conversion Ellaria Starfarer
2. The completed conversion.
3. Side view of the conversion.
4. Rear view. A tree was modelled using twisted brass wire and Green Stuff. All of my Rangers and Pathfinders have trees incorporated into their scenic bases.
Eldar Pathfinder Amallyn Shadowblade conversion Ellaria Starfarer
5. View of the left side of the model.
6. Close-up of the body. Some of the more subtle changes include removing the dangling gemstone from the belt buckle and filing down the exaggerated eyebrows and creasing of the forehead to soften the model's features.
Eldar Pathfinder conversion
7. Close-up of the re-sculpted feet. The feet were the single most obviously "wrong" aspect of the sculpt for me. Since the model was clearly designed using CAD, it should have been an easy thing to fix by the designers, so I can only assume it looked OK to them.
8. This over-the-shoulder shot highlights some of the more subtle changes.
Eldar Pathfinder Amallyn Shadowblade conversion Ellaria Starfarer
9. The model has now been undercoated and is ready to be painted in my Miruaun colours.

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