Eldar Autarch rune Eldar Autarch rune

eldar autarch 1

The first of several Autarchs for my Mymeara collection; he is equipped with Mandiblasters, a Scorpion Chainsword, a Warp Jump Generator and an Uldanorethi Long Rifle (one of the Remnants of Glory available in the Eldar codex). The Warp Jump Generator gives him the Relentless special rule, so he can move and fire the rifle in the same turn. Combined with its incredible 120" range, this should make him difficult to deal with as he flits around the battlefield taking pot-shots at vital targets.

date: 2010-present (work-in-progress)
components: 1x Eldar Autarch with Fusion Gun, 1x Striking Scorpion Chainsword, 1x Illic Nightspear rifle arm, 1x Prince Yriel left arm, 1x Dire Avenger Shuriken Catapult, 1x Howling Banshee body, 2x Striking Scorpion tassels, guitar string, brass rod, Green Stuff, 40mm round base

see also:
Eldar Autarch conversion
1. The completed conversion.
Converted Eldar Autarch
2. Rear view of the Autarch.
Converted Eldar Autarch with Uldanorethi Long rifle
4. A close-up of the converted rifle.
Converted Eldar Autarch with Uldanorethi Long rifle
5. The converted Autarch, undercoated and ready for painting.

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