Eldar Autarch rune Eldar Autarch rune

eldar autarch 2

The second Autarch has wargear from the Fire Dragon, Dire Avenger and Swooping Hawk warrior aspects. She has been converted using parts from several miniatures.

date: 2012 - 2022 (complete)
components: 1x Eldar Autarch, 1x Dire Avenger Exarch crest, 1x Autarch fusion gun, 1x Dire Avenger Exarch shimmershield arm, 1x Dire Avenger Exarch Diresword, 1x Autarch wings, 1x Fire Dragon Exarch body, brass rod, Green Stuff

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1. A work-in-progress shot of the conversion. Ultimately the wings were replaced with those from another Autarch model, as they have more detail than those from the Swooping Hawk Exarch.
Female Eldar Autarch conversion
2. The completed conversion.
3. Close-up of the Autarch's upper body.
Eldar Autarch forceshield
4. A close-up of the cut-down Dire Avenger Exarch shimmershield, which represents the Autarch's forceshield.
Female Eldar Autarch conversion rear view
5. The Autarch has a fusion gun, which hangs from a strap modelled in Green Stuff. I wanted to represent her wargear accurately on the model but keep the left hand free.
Female Eldar Autarch conversion
6. This Autarch has been undercoated and is ready to be painted.
Eldar Autarch Swooping Hawk wings
7. The wings were painted separately before they were glued onto the model.
Eldar Autarch Swooping Hawk wings
8. Reverse view of the completed wings.
Female Eldar Autarch conversion
9. The fully painted and completed Autarch conversion. This was the first model to be painted using a new set of brushes from Rosemary & Co. and a wet palette from Redgrass. These new tools really improved my painting, allowing for better blending, more precise brush strokes and greater detail.
Female Eldar Autarch conversion rear view
10. A rear view of the completed model. I was particularly pleased with the shading on the purple cloak and the colour scheme for the Fusion Gun, which is quite different from the one I've used for my Fire Dragons.
Female Eldar Autarch conversion forceshield close-up
11. This close-up view of the Autarch's forceshield shows my first attempt at creating a green marble effect. The runes were carefully picked out in gold.
Female Eldar Autarch conversion helmet plume stippling
12. By stippling several different colours on the flat top of the helmet plume, I was able to create an impression of bristles.
Female Eldar Autarch conversion side view
13. Side view of the model.
Eldar Autarch rune sketch
14. Most of my Eldar models feature an appropriate rune on the right kneepad. Since the kneepad on this model is partially obscured by a dangling ribbon, it wasn't possible to use a transfer. I sketched out the shapes of the kneepad and ribbon in order to determine which parts of the Autarch rune would be visible, before attempting to paint it freehand on the model.
Female Eldar Autarch conversion freehand close-up
15. A close-up of the right kneepad, featuring the freehand rune for "Autarch". I also added a simple black stripe on the bottom of the tabard. As these were my first real attempts at freehand, I was pretty pleased with the results.

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