Eldar Autarch rune Eldar Autarch rune

eldar autarch 3

My third Autarch has fairly basic equipment, with the exception of the Firesabre - a powerful Remnant of Glory that debuted in the 6th edition codex. This model is based on a rare variant of the Autarch that was only available in the Eldar army deal that coincided with the 4th edition release.

date: 2013 - present (work-in-progress)
components: 1x Limited edition Eldar Autarch, 1x Empire Battle Wizard flaming sword, brass rod, Green Stuff, 40mm round base

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Eldar Autarch with Fire Sabre conversion
1. The completed conversion, awaiting basing. The scenery under the Autarch's feet has been changed with Green Stuff to look distinct from the other Autarchs.
Eldar Autarch with Fire Sabre conversion
2. Rear view of the conversion.
Eldar Autarch with Fire Sabre conversion
3. Close-up of the Firesabre. This was made using the flaming sword from the Empire Battle Wizard kit, blended into the Autarch's power weapon with Green Stuff.
Eldar Autarch sculpted banners
4. I sculpted some runes onto the Autarch's banners using Green Stuff. The rune on the left is isha'roisin - The Rose of Isha; the symbol of Craftworld Miruaun. The rune on the right is for "Autarch".
Eldar Autarch with Fire Sabre conversion
5. The completed conversion, after being undercoated.

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