Eldrad Ulthran rune Eldar Craftworld Ulthwé rune

eldrad ulthran

farseer of craftworld ulthwé

I tried on several occasions to convert the ageing metal Eldrad Ulthran miniature into something that looked more modern, but I never managed to achieve a result that I was satisfied with. When the new plastic miniature was announced, I abandoned my own attempts as this new model was better than anything I could have achieved!

date: 2016-present (work-in-progress)
components: 1x Eldrad Ulthran, Green Stuff, 40mm round base

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Eldrad Ulthran base
1. I used a 40mm round base rather than the 32mm one supplied with the model. The base will be painted in separate pieces and then glued together.
Eldrad Ulthran
2. The completed model, ready for undercoating. Eldrad is currently separate from the base; he will be glued in place after he has been painted. I chose to use the arm wielding his witchblade, rather than the outstretched hand, as it more closely echoes the design of the classic, metal version.
Eldrad Ulthran rear view
3. A rear view of the model. Literally the only modification I made was to remove the gems from his upper back, as I wasn't keen on that small design choice.
Eldrad Ulthran
4. The model has been undercoated in sub-assemblies in order to aid with painting.

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