Eldar Farseer rune Eldar Farseer rune

eldar farseer skyrunner

The standard Farseer/Warlock Skyrunner kit only includes different helmets to represent the two unit types; for my Farseer on a Skyrunner, I wanted to emphasise the differences between a Farseer and Warlock's robes and wargear.

date: 2015-present (work-in-progress)
components: 1x plastic Eldar Farseer Skyrunner, 1x plastic Farseer torso, 1x War Walker scenery element, Green Stuff

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Eldar Farseer Skyrunner conversion
1. The design of the rune armour in the Skyrunner kit appears to be the standard Warlock rune armour, which isn't distinctive enough for a Farseer, in my opinion. For this conversion, the torso of the Farseer was instead taken from the standard plastic Farseer kit.
Eldar Farseer cloak
2. A cloak was sculpted from Green Stuff - the Farseers tend to wear long cloaks over their robes; another design difference that distinguishes them from the Warlocks, but was omitted in the Skyrunner kit.
Eldar Farseer Skyrunner conversion
3. A close-up of the converted legs. The addition of the lower half of a Farseer's rune armour adds detail to the model.
Eldar Farseer Skyrunner work-in-progress
4. A work-in-progress shot of the Farseer's Skyrunner jetbike. Additional runic designs have begun to be sculpted onto the canopy using Green Stuff.
Eldar Farseer Skyrunner conversion mock-up
5. This photo shows a mock-up of the conversion, partway through construction.
Eldar Farseer Skyrunner conversion
7. The completed conversion. The twin-linked shuriken catapults haven't been attached yet - they will be painted separately and then glued to the Skyrunner.
Eldar Farseer Skyrunner converted canopy close-up
8. A close-up of the additional sculpting on the canopy of the Skyrunner.
Eldar Farseer Skyrunner converted canopy profile view
9. Profile view of the canopy.
Eldar Farseer Skyrunner conversion
10. A close-up of the assembled Farseer.
Eldar Farseer Skyrunner conversion
11. Side view of the Farseer.
Eldar Farseer Skyrunner conversion
12. Rear view of the converted Farseer Skyrunner.
Eldar Farseer Skyrunner conversion
13. I sculpted some additional detail on the blade of the Singing Spear.
Eldar Farseer Skyrunner conversion
14. The converted Farseer Skyrunner is now ready to be painted.
Eldar Farseer Skyrunner conversion
15. An alternate view of the undercoated model.

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