Eldar Wraithlord rune Eldar Wraithlord rune

eldar wraithlord 5

I can't stop building Wraithlords; the kit is just so versatile and quick to put together that it's very easy to start experimenting and end up with another one on the tabletop. For this fifth Wraithlord, I wanted to make it look like a larger version of its diminutive cousin the Wraithguard by giving it a single, central back fin. It is also be equipped with a single Bright Lance held across its chest, similar to how a Wraithguard carries its wraithcannon.

date: 2010-present (work-in-progress)
components: 1x Eldar Wraithlord, 1x Empire Wizard collar piece, 1x Eldar Bright Lance, guitar string, Green Stuff, brass rod, sheet styrene (various thicknesses), neodymium magnets (various sizes)

see also:
Converted Eldar Wraithlord
1. The Wraithlord's torso.
Converted Eldar Wraithlord
2. A close-up view of the single central fin.
Converted Eldar Wraithlord
3. The Wraithlord, mostly assembled.
Converted Eldar Wraithlord
4. This Wraithlord holds his Wraithsword in his left hand with a reversed grip.
Converted Eldar Wraithlord
5. A close-up view of the back of the Wraithlord and the centralised single fin. The Green Stuff work has been smoothed down and blended into the plastic using a fine-grade sandpaper.
Converted Eldar Wraithlord
8. The completed Wraithlord, undercoated for painting.

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