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eldar phoenix lord asurmen

the hand of asuryan

The classic Phoenix Lord models have aged relatively well, however they tend to be quite static in their poses and fairly flat - with their arms, legs and heads all aligned in a single 2D plane. Citadel miniatures have also grown a bit since the Phoenix Lords were first released, so their proportions now seem a little off. My aim with this conversion of Asurmen was to resolve the issues with the proportions and to make the figure appear a bit more dynamic. I also wanted to change the faceplate on the helmet, which I've never been a fan of.

date: 2012-present (work-in-progress)
components: 1x Phoenix Lord Asurmen, 2x Dire Avenger Exarch shuriken pistols, 1x Dire Avenger Exarch Dire Sword, 1x Dire Avenger Exarch helmet, 1x Dire Avenger legs, 40mm round base, brass rod, Green Stuff, cork tile

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The old sword was replaced with a plastic Dire Avenger Exarch Dire Sword. Eldar Phoenix Lord Asurmen conversion
1. Early work on the conversion. The helmet would later be removed entirely to reposition the head.
These feet were added to extend the length of the legs through the ankles. The left hand was cut away at the elbow and reattached using brass rod. This ammo belt was carefully bent to allow for the arm's extended reach. Eldar Phoenix Lord Asurmen conversion
2. The miniature looks much better already - far more imposing and grand. It will also be placed on a larger base to increase its signficance compared to the standard troops.
Eldar Phoenix Lord Asurmen conversion
3. In order to improve the helmet, I removed the entire head from the original miniature.
I was able to preserve the detail of the original metal targeter on the shoulder. Eldar Phoenix Lord Asurmen conversion
4. I used a large drill bit to bore out a socket for the plastic Dire Avenger helmet to sit in.
Eldar Phoenix Lord Asurmen conversion
5. The miniature really comes alive now, with a modern design of helmet incorporating the huge plume of the original. The slight rotation of the head also breaks the miniature out of the static, 2D-plane that all of the original's limbs were positioned in.
Eldar Phoenix Lord Asurmen conversion
6. A view of the conversion from the rear.
Eldar Phoenix Lord Asurmen conversion
7. A close-up of the back of the modified helmet.
Eldar Phoenix Lord Asurmen conversion
8. Asurmen on his scenic base. I intend to use water effects to simulate a small waterfall, stream and pool once the miniature is painted.
Eldar Phoenix Lord Asurmen conversion
9. Asurmen undercoated and ready to be painted.

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