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I am not a fan of the events of The Fracture of Biel-Tan or the triumvirate of models that accompanied its release. That being said, I was delighted to see a modern update of the classic Gyrinx. This psychic feline familiar has been mentioned in the background for years, but only previously had a distinctly boring-looking metal model. I bought three copies of the Yvraine model so that I could assemble a trio of Gyrinxes for my collection. Although they don't exist as standalone entries in the Codex, I wanted to include them purely as interesting character models. Two of the three will be converted, in order to convey different characters and personalities.

date: 2018-present (work-in-progress)
components: 3x Eldar Gyrinxes, 3x 32mm round bases, resin scenic base elements, plasticard, brass rod, Green Stuff

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Due to their size, each Gyrinx was modelled on a 32mm round base. Eldar Gyrinx
1. The first of the three Gyrinxes was assembled without any alteration.
Eldar Gyrinx lying down conversion
5. This elevated view better emphasises the changes to the positions of the rear legs.
Eldar Gyrinx lying down conversion
6. I modelled a rocky outcrop in Green Stuff for the Gyrinx to recline on.
A subtle ridge of Green Stuff was used to make the Gyrinx's spine, emphasising the twist in its body. Eldar Gyrinx lying down conversion
7. The disparate parts of the body have now been blended together with Green Stuff.
Eldar Gyrinx lying down conversion
8. The completed conversion. I was delighted with how well this turned out; the pose works really well and looks very natural for a cat/Gyrinx.
Eldar Gyrinx lying down conversion
9. Rear view of the completed conversion.
Eldar Gyrinx lying down conversion
11. This view shows the crossed front paws.
Eldar Gyrinx
12. The first, unaltered Gyrinx has been undercoated.
Eldar Gyrinx lying down conversion
13. The second, converted Gyrinx has also been undercoated.

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