Eldar Wraithsinger rune Eldar Wraithsinger rune

eldar wraithsinger

My most ambitious Wraithlord conversion to date, the Wraithsinger represents a powerful Bonesinger that has been reborn in a Wraithlord's form. Since Eldar constructs are built from psychically reactive materials, I envisaged the Wraithlord taking on a new shape and form; adapting to the spirit inhabiting it. The original Bonesinger miniature looks very distinctive when compared to other Eldar and I wanted to replicate some of the unique features in the Bonesinger's design, whilst still retaining the obvious stylings that are typical of Wraith constructs.

date: 2013-2020 (completed)
components: 1x Eldar Wraithlord kit, additional Wraithlord components, 2x Eldar War Walker feet, 1x Wave Serpent sensor, High Elf Lord on Dragon rocks, plasticard, styrene tubing, Green Stuff, White Milliput, brass rod

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Jes Goodwin's Eldar Bonesinger concept sketch
1. I referred to this sketch of the Bonesinger by Jes Goodwin a lot when I was designing the Wraithsinger.
Original artwork by Jes Goodwin and © Games Workshop.
Eldar Wraithsinger concept sketch
2. My sketch of the Wraithsinger. I wanted to make him lankier and taller than a standard Wraithlord. He is imposing by virtue of his size rather than because of heavy armament.
Eldar Wraithsinger torso
4. A work-in-progress shot of the torso.
The bulk of the antlers are made from spare Wraithlord back fins. Eldar Wraithsinger head work-in-progress
5. This mock-up shows how the head and torso fit together.
I extended the back of the torso using plasticard. This echoes the design of the Bonesinger. Eldar Wraithsinger torso side profile
6. A profile view of the Wraithsinger's upper body. The head is angled much further forwards than the standard Wraithlord one, so that the antlers will point upwards.
The shoulder pads were cut away from spare torsos from other Wraithlord kits. These protruding spikes were made using Wraithlord arm blades. Eldar Wraithsinger
7. The pauldrons were made to echo the design of those on the Bonesinger, with overlapping segments.
Eldar Wraithsinger back fin
8. This back fin is quite different to the usual Wraithlord design and is more similar to the Bonesinger's.
Eldar Wraithsinger torso
12. The torso, mostly assembled.
Eldar Wraithsinger
16. A mock-up of the Wraithsinger.
Each ribbon was lengthened by gluing two together. Eldar Wraithsinger ribbons
17. Two of each of these ribbons will hang from the shoulder pauldrons..
Eldar Wraithsinger right arm and flute
18. The psytronome shaper (or "dirge", as it is referred to in Jes Goodwin's Bonesinger design concept) continues to come together with the addition of some plasticard pieces.
Eldar Wraithsinger fluted vanes
19. The Bonesinger concept sketch features fluted vanes on the psytronome shaper, which I wanted to recreate on my large-scale version, so the ends were carefully hollowed out using a drill and needle file.
Eldar Wraithsinger head and antlers
20. The antlers are now more-or-less complete, with the addition of the remaining gems.
Eldar Wraithsinger torso runic designs
21. The Wraithsinger features some of my most ambitious and detailed Green Stuff sculpting. The torso includes a runic design in relief, with a raised gemstone set in the centre.
Eldar Wraithsinger rune designs
22. The top of the torso features more raised design work, echoing similar patterns on the Bonesinger.
Eldar Wraithsinger tabard relief
23. I was really pleased with how well this turned out. The upper part of the design on the tabard is the Wraithsinger rune that I designed for this miniature, by combining a Bonesinger and Wraithlord rune together.
Eldar Wraithsinger work-in-progress mock-up
24. An updated mock-up of the Wraithsinger. It looks significantly more ornate than a standard Wraithlord, which was one of my main goals in this project. It is still recognisably a wraith construct, but the distinctive looped antlers give it an unmistakeable silhouette.
Eldar Wraithsinger back detail
25. A close-up on the detailing on the Wraithsinger's back.
Eldar Wraithsinger work-in-progress
26. An updated work-in-progress photo of the Wraithsinger, with its left arm attached.
Eldar Wraithsinger
27. The fully-assembled Wraithsinger. All that remains incomplete is the base at this point.
Eldar Wraithsinger
28. This side view better illustrates the Wraithsinger's pose and posture.
Eldar Wraithsinger dirge
29. A close-up of the completed psytronome shaper.
Eldar Wraithsinger
30. The Wraithsinger from the rear.
Eldar Wraithsinger
31. The undercoated Wraithsinger conversion. The base has yet to be completed.
Eldar Wraithsinger, undercoated
33. The completed and undercoated Wraithsinger on its scenic base.
Full size Eldar Wraithsinger conversion, fully painted
34. The fully painted model.
Full size Eldar Wraithsinger conversion, fully painted
35. Another angle of the completed conversion.
Full size Eldar Wraithsinger conversion, fully painted
36. Right side view of the Wraithsinger.
Full size Eldar Wraithsinger conversion, fully painted
37. Another view of the back of the Wraithsinger.
Full size Eldar Wraithsinger conversion, fully painted
38. Rear view of the model.
Full size Eldar Wraithsinger conversion, fully painted
39. Left profile of the finished model.
Full size Eldar Wraithsinger conversion, fully painted
40. Different view of the model.
Eldar Wraithsinger conversion head detail close-up
41. A close-up view of the head and antlers.
Eldar Wraithsinger conversion scultped tabard close-up
42. This close-up shows the sculpted runic designs on the tabard. I was pleased with how the shading turned out.
Eldar Wraithsinger conversion psytronome shaper close-up
43. A close-up of the oversized psytronome shaper that the Wraithsinger carries.
Eldar Wraithsinger conversion torso detail close-up
44. Detail view of the sculpting on the torso.
Eldar Wraithsinger conversion back detail close-up
45. A view of the rear of the model, showing more of the sculpted design work.
Eldar Wraithsinger conversion scenic base close-up
46. Close-up of the scenic base.
Eldar Wraithsinger conversion scenic base close-up
47. Rear view of the scenic base.

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